Options Strategy Backtester

NavigationTrading Options Strategy Backtesting

Options Strategy Backtester Infographic

At NavigationTrading we make trades based on statistics and probabilities…NOT hype or emotion.

One tool that we use to help determine our trades each day is an Options Strategy Backtester.

Our friends at CML have created a short video to show you how it works.

How to Trade A Covered Call

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How To Trade A Covered Call Infographic

The Covered Call is a great strategy to trade in periods of High Implied Volatility. Since this strategy requires a relatively large amount of capital, they typically need to be traded in larger accounts.

In this video, we will walk you through how to:
1. Evaluate Implied Volatility
2. Find an underlying symbol to trade
3. Locate the correct strikes to trade
4. Analyze the trade
5. Place the trade