NavigationALERTS Trade Results September 2019

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

Hi NavigationTraders!

Welcome to our monthly recap where we go over all of the closed trades from the month.

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Now let's jump into the closed trades for the month of September!

Our total profit came to a little over $938. Our average profit per trade was a little over $67. The average profit per trade and our winning percentage was actually much lower than it typically is. Typically, we're at between 80-100%-win rate for the month. That just didn’t happen this month. We ended up with about a 64% winning percentage.

We traded six different strategies including:

  • Short Strangles
  • A Short Call Vertical
  • A Long Put Vertical
  • A Long Put
  • Weekly Iron Condors
  • Weekly Double Calendars

If you go to our Performance page, you can see up at the top of the page, we post a table of our cumulative profits and winning percentage going back to when we first started posting our alerts in June of 2017. We update this table every month.

Closed profits since our inception

And if you scroll down, you can see different tables for each month that show the ticker symbol, the date, the number of contracts, the strategy, and the profit for each closed trade that month.

You can see we had five different losing trades this month, which is not typical. We might have one or two every now and then, but that's just part of trading. You've got to play the probabilities. They don't always work out in the short term, but over the long term, over many trade occurrences, it’s just a game of math.

September Trade Results Chart

Notice the number of contracts we traded in September. They’re between one and four contracts. We're doing this so members can trade these specific trades in small accounts or large accounts. We have some members who trade 10 times the number of contracts that we do. In that case, you’d just have to multiply the profit and loss by the number of contracts you trade. You can really trade our NavigationALERTS in any size account.

Pro Members Area

Let’s navigate to our Pro Membership area. We are in the process of doing a complete revamp of our membership area, so be on the lookout for that in the coming months.

Your Pro Member’s Area is where you get access to all of our VIP course training, including the new Iron Duck Option Spread course we talked about earlier.

If you click on the “NavigationALERTS” tab in your Member’s Area and then click on the “Alerts” tab nested underneath, you'll see all of our live NavigationALERTS are posted here. You can also get a snapshot of our current portfolio by clicking on the “Current Portfolio” tab, again nested under “NavigationALERTS”. All of our closed trades are posted under the “Closed Trades” tab.

Let’s go there now!

Member's Area

In-Depth September Performance

Scroll down so that we can start at the beginning of September. Our first closed trade was in SPX.  We put on a Weekly Iron Condor and booked a nice profit right out of the gate of $1,305.

Weekly Iron Condor in SPX

Then in /6B, which is the British pound, we did a Short Strangle and booked a profit of $250.

Short Strangle in /6B

In VXX, we did a Short Call Vertical. We were in this trade a little over a month, but booked a profit of $171.

Short Call Vertical in VXX

We had a loser on one of our Weekly Double Calendars in SPX. We lost $870 on the trade. Price just sort of ran away from us. We hit our stop loss point, and so we closed for a loss.

Weekly Double Calendar in SPX

In /CL, which is Oil, we did a Short Strangle and booked a profit of $520.

Short Strangle in /CL

We did another Weekly Double Calendar in SPX. We ended up getting close to the expiration point and it was just outside of our range, so we took a small loss of $250 on the trade.

Weekly Double Calendar in SPX

We did yet another SPX Weekly Double Calendar, and booked a nice profit of $580 on that one.

Weekly Double Calendar in SPX

Then, we went back to the well of Oil with another Short Strangle, and booked $500 in profit.

Short Strangle in /CL

In EEM, we did a Long Put. We were trying to get directionally bearish, in EEM. Price surged on us and ran away, so we took a loss of $729 on the trade.

Long Put in EEM

In XLF, we did a Long Put Vertical and it was kind of the same story. We were getting bearish and ended up taking a loss of $588.

Long Put Vertical in XLF

In SPX, we did another Weekly Double Calendar, and were able to book a profit of $200.

Weekly Double Calendar in SPX

In our next Weekly Double Calendar in SPX, we took a loss of $710.

Weekly Double Calendar in SPX

In /6B, we went back and did a Short Strangle, booking a profit of $243.75.

Short Strangle in /6B

And lastly, in EWZ, we had to do a couple of adjustments in the trade, but ended up booking a nice profit of $316.

Short Strangle in EWZ

And those are all of our closed trades for the month of September!

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Happy Trading!

-The NavigationTrading Team

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