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NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

Hey everyone!

I wanted to give you a quick recap of the first month of the year. January is in the books! It was another good month for our Pro Members at NavigationTrading. We had 11 closed trades, nine of which were winners. Our total profit came to a little over $1,500.

Strategies Traded in January

We traded quite a few different strategies including:

  • Short Strangles
  • Iron Condors
  • Short Call Verticals
  • A Butterfly Spread
  • A Pre-Earnings Long Straddle
  • A Pre-Earnings Long Call
  • A Post-Earnings Short Put Vertical

Pro Membership

If you are interested in following along and being part of our Pro Membership, just go to navigationtrading.ccom/pro-member. We are currently open to new members; however, we're getting to a point where we may be closing our membership due to our commitment to serving our existing Pro Members to the best of our ability.

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Let's jump over to our performance page. At the very top, we have a cumulative running total of our alerts results since we started posting alerts in June of 2017. When you’re on our performance page, it's kind of a small image, so if you click on it, it will expand. This just gives you the cumulative profits that we've had since we started posting.

Cumulative Total Of Closed Profits

2019 Stats

Below this image, are our stats so far in 2019. Like I mentioned earlier, we had 11 closed trades. Our average profit per trade was $142, with a winning percentage of 81.8%.

Below is a graphic showing the 11 trades that we closed out in the month of January. You can see our two losers were in LULU and Microsoft, but overall, we had a really good month.

January 2019 Performance Stats

In-Depth Look at Our Trades from January

Let’s navigate to the Membership Area and take a look at our trades from January in a little bit more detail.

On January 2nd, we closed our first trade which was a Short Strangle in Facebook. We had to make two adjustments, but we stayed mechanical and booked a nice profit of $240.

Short Strangle in FB

In Gold, we didn’t have to make any adjustments. We were in and out of this trade for $630.

Short Strangle in Gold

In IYR, the Real Estate ETF, we did an Iron Condor and had to make a couple of adjustments, but ended up booking a nice profit of $273.

Iron Condor in IYR

In LULU, we did a Short Call Vertical, and it was our big loser. LULU ripped higher against us, and we ended up just taking a loss of a little over $1,000. Sometimes instead of trying to make adjustments and trying to work our way back, it's better to just to cut our losses.

Short Call Vertical in LULU

In XLU, which is the Utility ETF, we were in and out of the trade. No adjustments were needed for a profit of $204.

Iron Condor in XLU

As you can see in FXI, we had a lot of adjustments. We were actually in this trade since June. We did a Butterfly and we continued to make adjustments, rolls, opens, closes, booking profits, opening more positions, and just continued to adjust this trade back to a profit. FXI moved significantly against us right out of the gate, but we were able to manage back to a profit.

That's one of the keys to consistently making a profit. It’s not just putting on trades and taking them off. Anyone can do that. When you get consistently profitable, is when you learn our adjustment techniques. It is so powerful to be able to take a losing trade and turn it into a winner. We show you exactly how to do this in our Pro Membership step-by-step video courses.

Butterfly Spread in FXI
Our next trade was in JNJ, Johnson and Johnson. We did a Short Call Vertical, booking a profit of $134.
Short Call Vertical in JNJ

In Bonds, /ZB, we had to make one adjustment, but ended up booking a nice profit of over $400.

Short Strangle in /ZB

In IBM, we did a Post-Earning Short Put Vertical, just like we teach in our course. We booked a profit of $204.


In Microsoft, we did a Pre-Earnings Long Straddle. We just never were in a position to make a profit on this trade, and took a loss of $207.


Last but not least, in Google we did a Pre-Earnings Long Call, booking a nice profit of $580.


And that wraps up all of our trades from the month of January.

Member's Area

This is a shot of what it looks like in the Members Area if you’re a Pro Member. It’s here that you’ll find all of our step-by-step strategy training courses. Just click on the tab of the strategy that you want to learn, and go through each video where we’ll teach you how to master these strategies. You can always go back to reference these.

Member's Area

So again, if you're interested in following along and getting our NavigationALERTS immediately by text message and email, just go to and you can check that out for 14 days for only $1.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to see you on the inside!

Happy trading!

-The NavigationTrading Team

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