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Hey everyone!

I want to take a couple minutes, to give you an update on our trade results from April. It was another great month of trading for our Pro Members.

We had 13 closed trades, 12 of which were winners, total profit over $3000!

Right now is the best time to be trading these strategies. Implied Volatility is relatively high in a lot of different symbols, so we continue to see great opportunities.

Now remember, the profit that we achieved, this is being traded in a relatively small account. We are only trading between one to five contracts. If you have the experience, and a larger account to trade larger size ... We have some members trading five or ten times the amount that you see here, so you can simply multiply this profit number by the number of contracts that you're trading.

Our Pro Membership is currently closed to new members, but we do have a waiting list so if you go to you can sign up for the waiting list. We will start allowing a couple of people to enter each week, but we do want to control that inflow. We answer every email. We take really good care of our members, so we want to control the inflow of new members.

Trade Review

Our closed trades included four different strategies this month:

Short Strangle

Iron Condors

Pre-Earnings Long Straddle

Pre-Earnings Long Call

Our first closed trade for the month was on April 5th. This was a Short Strangle in XLE, which is an energy ETF. We traded four contracts, and booked a nice profit of $212.

The next trade was also a Short Strangle in IYR, which is a real estate ETF. We had to do a couple of adjustments here, but by staying mechanical, booked another profit of $189.

Next trade was a Short Strangle in /CL (Oil), and we booked a nice profit of $530. We love trading oil. It gives you great leverage. A really good “Bang for the Buck”!

XLU is the utility ETF. We booked a profit of $172 on this trade.

In Microsoft, this was a Pre-Earnings Long Call. We teach this strategy in our earnings course. We booked a quick profit in just one day of $364.

The next one was XRT. This is a trade that we had on since November of last year. We continued to adjust and make the necessary rolls and adjustments, and by staying mechanical, and just continuing to manage the process exactly like we teach in our course, we were able to manage out of a losing trade.

We had to be in the trade for  longer than anticipated, but we were able to close this out for a nice profit of $307.

This is one of the most important techniques that you need to understand to become a more consistent trader. If you have a trade that goes against you…knowing how to adjust, knowing how to manage that trade back to profitability is crucial!

Turning a losing trade into a winner is such a huge deal and that's exactly what we did on XRT here, turned a big loser into a nice little winner.

Next trade was a Short Strangle in EWZ. We booked a nice profit there of $159.

IYR, the real estate ETF, we booked a quick profit of $126 on that trade.

Did another trade in oil. Booked another profit of $480.

Starbucks - We did a Pre-Earnings Long Straddle. Textbook trade just like we teach in our course. Booked a nice quick profit of $196.

In IWM, we did a traditional Iron Condor. Booked a profit of $156.

NVIDIA - We did a Pre-Earnings Long Strangle, and booked a quick profit of $499 on that trade.

Our only losing trade was dipping back into Microsoft, looking for some upside momentum leading into earnings. Took a loss on this one of $300.

In total for the month, we had one loser, and twelve winners. Another great month!

We should continue to see good opportunity as long as implied volatility stays high.

You’ll notice this month, we did a lot of Short Strangles. Reason being, that implied volatility is relatively high in a lot of these symbols, giving us that opportunity to sell premium.

So again, right now is a great time to be trading these strategies. To view our overall results…just go to, and we break this down by year.

Year to date in 2018, we've closed 49 trades, with an average profit of $182 per trade, and a winning percentage of 87.8%.

Remember, if you do go to our pro membership to sign up, it's going to redirect you to this wait list page. Make sure you enter your information to be on the wait list, and as we have spots open up, we will let you know.

Hope this has been helpful. Everybody have another great month of trading and we'll talk to you next time!

-The NavigationTrading Team