NavigationALERTS: July 2017 Performance Update

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

Hey NavigationTraders!

I just wanted to give you a quick update for all closed trades in the month of July. We had 10 closed trades, all of which were winners. Our total profit came to $2,392.50.

I really want to emphasize, the reason that I trade the size that I do, is because I want you to understand that you can make these trades even in small accounts. We never took more than a couple thousand dollars’ worth of buying power on any one trade, and we got a total profit of almost $2,400. If you had a larger account, you could literally trade 10 times the number of contracts that I traded for the alert, and now you're looking at $24,000 a month.

There is so much power of the strategies we teach at NavigationTrading. Look at the diversification in the different strategies that we've traded in July.

July 2017 Stats

This July has been a perfect example of the way that we diversify our symbols and strategies. Some of our trades had undefined risk. Some had defined risk. Some were directional. Some were more delta neutral. As a successful trader, you've got to be able to diversify and mix it up the way that we have. This is one of the keys to consistent profitability over the long term.

In-Depth Look at Trades from July

If we go to the Member's Area and take a look at a breakdown of the trades that we made starting at the beginning of the month, our first closed trade was in Microsoft. We did a Strangle, and closed it out for $180 profit.

Strangle in Microsoft

Next trade was a Butterfly Spread in Costco, ticker COST. We put that on and closed it out for $128.

Butterfly Spread in Costco

We did a Straddle in Target for a profit of $102.

Straddle in Target

They're not all that easy. If you take a look at crude oil, we had several adjustments that we did throughout the trade, but by staying mechanical and doing what you're supposed to, we booked a profit of $600.

Strangle in Crude Oil

Next trade was a Calendar Spread in the Russell 2000. We booked a profit of $191.

Calendar Spread in RUT

In XLE, implied volatility was high. We wanted to get a little bit more directional, so we just sold Puts. Booked a profit of $168 there.

Short Puts in XLE

In the QQQ, we did a Strangle. Profit came to $210.

Strangle in QQQ

In XRT, we did a Strangle.

Strangle in XRT

In oil, we did another Strangle.

Strangle in /CL

And finally, in corn, we did an Iron Condor for a profit of $387.50.

Iron Condor in /ZC (corn)

As this month has proven, just by staying mechanical with your adjustments and managing your winners the way that we teach in our courses, you can start getting consistent profits, even in a small account.

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We look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Happy trading!

-The NavigationTrading Team

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