NavigationALERTS: January 2018 Performance Update

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

What's up NavigationTraders?!

I want to take a few minutes to go over our closed trades for the month of January. We closed 12 trades, 11 of which were winners with a total profit of $1,670.75.

January Closed Trades

You can go to anytime to see our updated statistics. At the top of the page, we have a section labeled, “2018 Trade Statistics” which lists our closed trades for the year, our average profit, and our updated winning percentage.

Since we’re only a month into 2018, you'll see we’ve had 12 closed trades, an average profit $139, and a winning percentage a little over 91%.

If you keep scrolling down, you'll see all of the statistics from 2017. We had 75 closed trades, $140 average profit, and an 88% win rate. You’ll also be able to see the trades we made each month throughout the year of 2017.

We did start posting in June 2017, so that’s as far back as our trade stats go.

In-Depth Look at January Performance

Let’s look at some more detail from our January performance.

On January 4th, we did a Short Put Vertical in Microsoft. We booked a profit of $198.

Microsoft - Short Put Vertical

In Starbucks, we did a Short Put Vertical as well. We were adding some bullish positions to our portfolio and ended up doing well. We made a $136 profit.

Starbucks - Short Put Vertical

We did a Short Strangle in the 10-year note (/ZN) and booked a profit of $218.75.

/ZN - Short Strangle

We did a Butterfly Spread in XLU and booked a nice profit.

XLU - Butterfly

In Alibaba, we did a Pre-Earnings Long Strangle, and we ended up booking a nice profit of $244.

Alibaba - Pre Earnings Long Strangle

In Costco, we did a Post-Earnings Short Put Vertical, a key strategy that we teach in our earnings course. We booked a profit of $124.

Costco - Post Earnings Short Put Vertical

In TLT, we did a Long Put Vertical booking a profit of $174.

TLT - Long Put Vertical

The one loser we had this month, was a Calendar Spread that we did in SPX. With the market super strong in the month of January, there were just no pull backs…just a pure one-directional move, so we did take a loss in our SPX trade. But that's trading for you! You're not going to win them all.

SPX - Calendar Spread

We did a Post-Earning Short Put Vertical in Netflix and ended up with a $321 profit.

Netflix - Post Earnings Short Put Vertical

In Caterpillar, we did an Earnings Short Strangle and booked a winner overnight.

Caterpillar - Earnings Short Strangle

In Tesla, we did a Pre-Earning Long Call, booking a profit of $340.

Tesla - Pre Earnings Long Call

And finally, in Facebook, we did a Pre-Earnings Long Call for a profit of $120.

Facebook - Pre Earnings Long Call

Go Pro!

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We’re Looking forward to another great month of trading in February!

Happy Trading!

-The NavigationTrading Team

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