Moneyflow Trade Results

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

Hey NavigationTraders!

I wanted to provide you with my trade results over the last few months on my Money Flow Trades.

Trade Results

September 2016
32 Winners 5 Losers
Winning Percentage = 86.5%
Total Profit = $6,143

October 2016
47 Winners 16 Losers
Winning Percentage = 74.6%
Total Profit = $6,703

November 2016
45 Winners 24 Losers
Winning Percentage = 65.2%
Total Profit = $2,875

These results are based on taking an average risk per trade of around $600-$1000 (Trading 1 to 5 contracts per trade).

Step-by-step instructions are detailed in the "Trading Options With Money Flow" course. If you are a Pro Member, you can find this course in your Member's Area.

Happy Trading!

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