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In this post, we’ll be going over a few tips that we’ve learned over the years when it comes to trading and taxes. We’ll navigate to the tax centers at both thinkorswim and tastyworks to show you where to find your forms. We’ll also be discussing 2018 Capital Gains Rates, section 1256, and Trader Tax Status 475(f) election.

Our Favorite tastytrade Research Segments

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Our Favorite tastytrade Research Segments Infographic

The research team at spends hours every day on market research. They compile thousands of data points for back-testing studies in the options market. Our team at has spent many of our own hours sifting through the segments to deliver, in our opinion, a list of the top Research Segments. Enjoy!

The TradeHacker Community

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The TradeHacker Community is the official networking platform for NavigationTraders! Our mission is to provide a platform for traders to learn, connect and share with other traders.

ALL-NEW Tool: the Earnings Watch List

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Earnings Watch List infographic

I want to introduce you to a new tool, that we just released, and is now available in your Member’s area. We’ll go over the components of the Earnings Watch List and a couple of quirks to be aware of when you’re using this tool.

Robinhood Options Trading Review

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Robinhood Options Trading Review Infographic

Everyone knows the classic story of Robin Hood, right? Take from the rich and give to the poor… Well, with the brokerage firm known as Robinhood, this idea actually plays out. Unfortunately, not in the favor of the investor or trader.

Why Index Funds Are Dangerous

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Why Index Funds Are Dangerous Infographic

We’ll discuss why index funds are extremely dangerous right now. For the purpose of this lesson, we’ll focus on the S&P 500 Index. It’s one of the most widely known indexes in the world.

ALL-NEW Tool: The NavigationTradeTracker

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The goal of the NavigationTradeTracker is to help you track your adjusted trades. After you’ve done some adjustments and rolls, sometimes it can be overwhelming because trade platforms like thinkorswim and tastyworks don’t track your trades after the portion of them have been closed. That’s what this tool is here to help you do!