NavigationALERTS Trade Results February 2019

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February 2019 Trade Results Infographic

What’s up NavigationTraders?! February is over and another month is in the books, so I wanted to take some time to give you a recap of the trades we closed this month. This month, we had nine closed trades, seven of which were winners, and a profit of a little over a thousand dollars. For more details, read more!

NavigationALERTS: 2018 Performance

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

2018 Performance Infographic

Happy New Year NavigationTraders! I hope 2018 was a great year for you guys and I really look forward to an excellent 2019. In this video post, we’ll go over our trades for the month of December and take a deeper look at all of our trades for the year of 2018.

NavigationALERTS Trade Results November 2018

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

November 2018 Trade Results Infographic

This month we had 11 closed trades, 10 of which were winners, for a total profit of $1,968.88. We traded only 3 strategies in November, which is a lot fewer than we normally trade. A lot of that has to do with the environment that we’re currently in. Implied volatility is higher in many different symbols; so selling premium Short Strangles, Short Iron Condors and Short Call Verticals, is where the opportunity is.

NavigationALERTS: Trade Results September 2018

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

September 2018 Trade Results Infographic

September was another great month! We had 10 closed trades, all of which were winners. Total profit was $3,158. We utilized four different strategies in September. We traded quite a few Short Strangles, a couple Short Call Verticals, a Short Put Vertical, and an Iron Condor…

NavigationALERTS: Trade Results August 2018

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

August 2018 Trade Results Infographic

August was a record setting month! We had 18 closed trades, 17 of which were winners. Total profit was $5,835. We utilized six different strategies in August. We traded Short Strangles, Short Put Verticals, and a Calendar spread. We were in the thick of Earning Season, so we did some Pre-Earnings Long Calls, Pre-Earnings Long Straddles, and Post-Earnings Short Put Verticals…

NavigationALERTS: July 2018 Trade Results

NavigationTrading Monthly Performance

July 2018 Trade Results Infographic

July 2018 was another great month of trading for our Pro Members!

We had 16 closed trades, 15 of which were winners. Total profit was $4,182.75. We traded eight different strategies in July. Strategies included: Short Strangles, Iron Condors, Long Calls, Short Put Verticals, Pre-Earnings Long Calls, Pre-Earnings Long Straddles, Post-Earnings Short Put Verticals, and Post-Earnings Short Strangles…