5 Reasons Why Your Mutual Funds Suck

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In this video, I'll review 5 Reasons Why Your Mutual Funds Suck!

Number 5: Fees!
Commissions, Expense Ratios and Advisory Fees take away from your profits

Number 4: Mutual Fund companies are MARKETING MACHINES
As marketing machines, they are all about gathering assets so they can collect your fees

Number 3: “Long Only”
Most funds only take long positions in the market. But, stocks go UP and DOWN. Guess who is taking the other side of those trades? Market Makers…Floor Traders…Hedge Funds…and NavigationTraders

Number 2: Taxes
Money Managers buy and sell securities within a fund, and guess who gets stuck with the tax bill. YOU!

Number 1: Performance
Over 85% of actively managed funds underperform their index benchmarks
So, why not just invest in a passive Index Fund you ask? Because INDEX FUNDS SUCK TOO! They simply track an index. They track mediocrity. When did we start accepting mediocrity???

With the strategies we use at NavigationTrading we consistently beat mutual fund performance. Actually we DESTROY their performance 🙂

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